Monday, June 27, 2011

First Governor General of British India

First Governor General of British India...was Warren Hastings (1772-1785)

*he was made the Governor General by d Regulating Act..
*Regulating Act-- passed by Brit. Parliament in 1773 2 overhau; d administrative apparatus of Company........acc to it a Council of 4 men was to advise him..3 out of 4 bitterly opposed him nd created difficulties for him !
*he succeeded Robert Clive
During his tenure Shah Alam, the Mughal EMperor trnsferred his HQ frm Allahabad to Delhi
*Hastings discontinued his annuity and transferred two districts hld by him to d Nawab of Awadh

Important happenings
* Execution of Raja Nand Kumar
*War with Haider Ali
* Begum of Awadh incident for which he was impeached later by Brit Parl..

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