Monday, August 24, 2009

Vijaynagar Kingdom- points to remember

  • Yusuf Adil Shah was killed by KrishnaDeva Raya(KDR) in the Battle of Kovilkonda
  • KDR was known as Andhra Bhoja whereas Allasani Peddana was known as Andhra Kavita Pitamaha
  • Tenali Rama who wrote Panduranga Mahamattya, adorned the court of KDR
  • Tirumalamma was a famous poetess in the court of Achyuta Deva
  • During Virupaksha II Orissa became a part of Vijaynagar empire for the first time
  • Amuktamalyada written by KDR in Telegu was a book on polity
  • Siddhya was the tax collected in cash
  • Bukka sent an embassy to China(Ming dynasty).He adopted the title Vedamarga Pratisthapaka
  • Besabaga was the sale of human.Nicolo Conti talks in detail about it
  • Shalabhoga educational grant
  • Devaraya II wrote Mahanataka Sudhanidhi in sanskrit.His court was visited by Abdur Razzak
  • Battle of Talikota or the Battle Rakshasha Taggadi was fought on the bank of river Krishna
  • Devaraya I included Turkish soldiers in his army.His court was visited by Nicolo Conti.
  • The Military Dept was known as Khandachara and the revenue Dept as Athvane
  • Nuniz came during KDR's rule
  • Nikitin talks about the financial dualism prevailing in the country
  • Pattanaswamy was the head of Traders' Associations
  • Bhandarabadha was the crown land
  • Lola Lakshmidhara wrote "Saraswati Vilasa"
  • Rayasam was Royal decree
  • Anegundi was the initial capital of Vijayngar empire
  • KDR abolished marriage tax and patronised "Ashtadiggaja"
  • Kalyanamandapa was the ornated pillar pavillions in the temples
  • Barbers were exempted from professional taxes
  • Harihara II captured Belgaum and Goa and attacked SriLanka after which he took the title"Maharajadhiraja"
  • KDR gave permission to Albequerque to built a fort at Bhatkal
  • Harihara and Bukka initially served under PrataprudraDeva II of Kakatiya dynasty
  • Marava were the fishermen
  • Srirangam inscription belongs to KDR

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