Sunday, September 13, 2009

Neolithic age

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· On the northern spurs of vindhyas in belon valley all the 3 phase of Paleolithic followed by Mesolithic & then by Neolithic have been found in sequence similarly also narmada valley


· IN the world context the new stone age began in BC 9000

· The only Neolithic settlement in the Indian sub-continent attributed to the 7000bc lies in mehgarh

· In other parts of India Neolithic sites are found near about 2500 BC

· People of this age used tools of polished stones

· The main instrument was stone axes

· Three main axes of Neolithic age according to type of axes are

1. north western

2. north eastern

3. southern

south Indian neothlic

· imporatan sites are maski and utnur

· the neothilic settler in pkhkihal were cattle header

· they use cattle for dung to use as fuel for fire

· they use stone axes and bladed

· the use of bone weapon is not found here


· kashmiri neothilic culture is distinguished by its

· a varity of bone and stone tools and complete absence of microlith dwelling pits

· important sites are burzahom & gufkral near srinagar

· they do hunting and fishing for there living

· they are also found some evidences of agriculture

· dogs were domesticated during this time

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